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Quality Teaching

Our kindergartens are staffed by teachers who know and understand how to teach young children. Starting from the top, we recognise the importance of strong leadership and each of our kindergartens is led by a well qualified and experienced Principal, who is first and foremost, a teacher. With in-depth experience of the early years and also of primary, our Principals have the skills and knowledge to create effective and stimulating learning environments in which children are continually encouraged to develop and where progress is carefully monitored.

Experienced teachers work as Coordinators and lead the development of our curriculum and the detailed planning behind each lesson. All classes are led by qualified early years teachers and are supported by Educational Assistants, many of whom have recognised certificates in Early Childhood Education.

We pride ourselves on the standards we set for teaching and learning, and our people make all the difference. All our kindergarten teachers are degree holders, most holding a B Ed or a post graduate certificate in education and others with specialist teaching qualifications in the early years.

Mandarin Chinese language skills are delivered by native level speakers with Chinese teaching qualifications.

With so many staff in place, there is always a high adult to child ratio.